Notes on Television part II

Regards / July 12, 2016
Télé 2

Video installation is the conjunction of opposites (or, to put it another way: video installation is like having your cake and eating it, too). On the one hand, “installation” places an art-work in a specific site, for a specific time ( a specific duration and also, possibly a specific historic time). On the other hand, “video” (with its consequences followed through: video broadcast on television) is placeless: at least, its place can’t be determined — there’s no way of knowing the particular look of all those millions of homes that receive the TV broadcast. Video installation, then, places placelessness; video installation is an attempt to stop time. The urge toward …..

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Substitution 2006

Substitution / June 29, 2016

Started a project several years ago entitled Substitution, which until now, was never completed. I asked several artists to complete the following sentence: “Instead of Making Art I ___” (Au lieu de faire de l’art je/j’ai ___ ) by filling in the blank. The idea was taken from a conceptual art project of the same name, by the artist Frederick Barthelme in the 1970’s. He had at the time, sent the same question to artists and friends via letters and the beloved fax machine. By doing so, Barthelme cast his question in a bottle into a sea of responses. I’ve not seen many of the original answers he received in …..

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Jason Gaylor & Groupa-Art

Works in Art / May 20, 2016
Graffiti J.Gaylor

Jason Gaylor with a couple of images from Art as Authority, produced a series of new brushes to be used with Adobe Photoshop. Graffiti Photoshop Brushes for High Resolution [Part 1] is the result. Jason you might say is the Picasso of the Photoshop brush makers, second to none, and a masterful technician to boot. Check them out, you’ll never go back to your old brushes!

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